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23 Jun

Episode 1: In Refugee Camps, Greece

In June 2016, Stephan Said, traveled to several refugee camps across Greece to film the third episode borderless. Everywhere we went the stories from thousands of refugees we met were testaments of innocence, injustice and the struggle against despair. The power of hope we found in camps and communities across Greece will inspire us all. […]

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10 Jun

Episode 2: In Karachi, Pakistan

In 2014, borderless visited Karachi, a city that is simply put, complicated. Crumbling infrastructure, nonexistent public services, escalating population, extreme poverty on top of ethnic and religious violence, targeted killings, crime, and corruption are often a constant. Amidst this, borderless met incredibly talented and passionate people working to uncover their city from its façade, and […]

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01 Jun

Episode 3: In Baghdad, Iraq

Just after the 10th anniversary of the Iraqi war in 2013, borderless went to Baghdad with host, Stephan Said, to meet and interview young women and men at the frontlines of peace and change, using their voices to unite their country in the face of growing division. Sectarianism was at a fever pitch; it was […]

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